Apr 092014

Looking up to Numa Pass in Kootenay National Park after a long hike. Maybe this year I will make it to the top of the pass, makes for a really long day hike.

Numa Pass

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Apr 092014

Took this down in the Crowsnest Pass in southern Alberta last year. Part of an abandoned mine, which was an Alberta historic site, but fell into disrepair and has now been mostly leveled.

Digging up the Past

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Mar 182014

Throne Down, another image from Quarry Park on the weekend. Not sure how a toilet ends up in the middle of an office tower parking lot.
Throne Down

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Mar 172014

#6 is King

Was walking around Quarry Park yesterday and found this proclamation. Thought it was a fitting St. Patrick’s Day image as well.

#6 Is King

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Mar 102014

All Things Are Equal
Was out in Bonnybrook yesterday and found a metal bin making this statement. It was a little beat up so maybe some people disagree.

All Things Are Equal

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Mar 062014

Taking some macro shots of fruit I captured this, some orange pulp, which is something my wife really doesn’t like.

Lara's Bane

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Feb 262014

Made some ice shapes last year with food colouring and random found plastic moulds. When they sit in the freezer for a while the food colouring starts to separate out.

Teal Topper

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Feb 252014

Another shot from Molar Pass… this was just as you emerge from the trees looking to the north.

Above the Tops

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