Apr 272014

Celebrating Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day… The Cord


The Cord

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Apr 272014

Driving around in Vulcan County looking for signs of spring, I came across this communications tower on the top of a hill.


Spring, are you Receiving?

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Apr 092014

Looking up to Numa Pass in Kootenay National Park after a long hike. Maybe this year I will make it to the top of the pass, makes for a really long day hike.

Numa Pass

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Apr 092014

Took this down in the Crowsnest Pass in southern Alberta last year. Part of an abandoned mine, which was an Alberta historic site, but fell into disrepair and has now been mostly leveled.

Digging up the Past

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Mar 182014

Throne Down, another image from Quarry Park on the weekend. Not sure how a toilet ends up in the middle of an office tower parking lot.
Throne Down

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